Various from my Visitor Book and comments on the day.

  • Within 2 minutes of wearing the band I felt a change in my body, my shoulder pain gradually lessened and I felt spaced out and frosty!
  • I had literally just walked away from the stall and was feeling so much more energy and exited inside. I'm feeling great. Highly recommended.
  • I feel my energy levels have improved and my general health has been good despite difficult times in my life.
  • Nobody is more sceptical than me but it has certainly improved my arthritic pain.
  • Before wearing the magnetic Bracelet I suffered from a lot of lower back pain and I had quite a bad aching in my right shin/ankle. Since wearing buying the bracelet these pains have gone completely!! I notice that the pain comes back if I don't wear it--Great.
  • First night sleep without painkillers for months. Thank you.
  • I bought a collar for my dog last year-changed her life. I was thinking she didn't have long to live and now she is like a puppy-she is 12 years old!
  • Absolutely amazing! Just bought our second one for our horses, also my friends have bought these after seeng the instant difference in my horses. 100% recommend these to anyone.
  • Possible diagnosis "fibro" The only thing that has helped long term is the Pulse Wristband. I will not remove it!
  • Fibromyalgia and Hypomobility. More helpful than medication and would never want to be without my Wristband.

Part Exchange Fetlock Bands/Tennis Elbow

My two older horse wear the magnetic Bands as it really helps with Arthritis. I also wear a band as it helps with my Tennis Elbow. J. Summersby

Part Exchange

Ray. As promised, I am enclosing two Pulsar Wristbands. Many thanks for sending the new Pulsars out so efficiently. They arrived the following morning. Mrs J Hatton

Part Exchange

Please find enclose the old Pulse magnet. Thank you for sending the new one so promptly. Regards Mrs E. Jones

Part Exchange

Ray Thanks so much for sending my new band so quickly. I have been wearing one for so many years and I am now on my third one. I originally bought one to help with shoulder pain and now definitely wouldn't be without one. My husband had one but lost it so I just ordered him a new one. He has had so many sports injuries and broken bones over the years and he does say the magnets helped with his pain control. Mrs F Reynolds

Part exchange

So happy to have my replacement magnet band - had a year wearing this and it has made my day to day pain much more bearable! Thanks Ray Padfield-Krala and Pulsemagnetics :) Thank you Ray that is very kind. I was three weeks wearing it and the pain on my right side had changed completely and i reduced my pain relief. This week being without it i have noticed the difference and used up extra tablets from 10-20mg to 50mg each night and by evening can feel the difference. Looking forward to receiving it, it's very generous of you. Silly as this may sound, today Mark and I went mountain walking and I was so pleased with where I am now to five years ago i feel like I have a normal life again :) Will certainly keep in touch:) Caroline

Tennis Elbow

I was bought this magnetic bracelet for Christmas for my tennis elbow...within three weeks I had no pain at all after suffering for eight months with pain. Jan

Horse inflammation

Hello again. 
I purchased your Fetlock Boost Band and it arrived on Saturday.
I feel compelled to tell you that since the pony has worn this ie. 3 DAYS the inflammation has reduced by approximately 60% !!!  This is what i hoped and prayed for but thought would never happen. This is along with the box rest.
I'm not saying he is cured and we will still continue with the rest of our resting plan for him (i will keep you posted on this) but what i am saying is this is it has to be a SIGNIFICANT breakthrough and has certainly made such a difference. Not only has the tendon swelling reduced in size it is so so much softer and stone cold.
Please feel free to use my experience so far in your advertising. If this helps other people to decide whether or not magnet therapy is for them or their animal and it can reduce their suffering physically and mentally that would be fantastic.
So many thanks for everything.


Hi Ray,

Sorry it has taken me so long to send you this e mail but as they say Rome wasn't built in a day.

I purchased one of your pulse wristbands at the Truckfest at Haydock Park, after much pondering and thought, with me being the original skeptical person about all things such as yours!

After chatting to yourself and explaining about the problems I have with suffered from aching joints etc well, the difference with wearing the wristband is unbelievable!!!

This purchase was carried out on the Saturday and the following day after suffering a night of me rattling on about how good your product is my wife came to see you and she purchased one and a pad she too could not believe the difference.

Later on that day she came back to see you about my son who from birth has suffered a mild paralysis of the right side and wondered if your wrist band would be of any benefit to him, you openly said to us that you weren’t sure but by all means try it. Well here I am getting to the crunch of this message the difference was unbelievable!!!! He now uses his right hand more than he ever did before. He wears the wrist band all the time and in doing so at his last visit to see his specialist he was told that as things were going the band had saved him from having Botox injections in his wrist and at this moment in time possible surgery, so therefore a very skeptical person converted thank you.

Very many thanks from all of us.

Chris Drabble.

Athritis in hands and feet

Hi, I'm Neils partner. I have had bad arthritis in both my hands and feet. It was crippling me when working on a laptop, which is a large part of my job. I cannot tell you how much difference the bracelet has made to my life. I went for the stronger band (Boost) and whilst it won't cure the Arthritis, my fingers and toes stay warm, don't cramp and I can type without being in pain. A massive thank you, 110% fantastic product. Rebecca age 40.

Wrist Pain

I've found the Wristband has definitely helped reduce the pain in my wrist and is very comfortable and easy to wear. Thank you C. Ahearn


I wear my wristband all the time and find it helps with my Arthritis. P. Jennings


Your bracelet is fantastic and it keeps me pain free. Don't know what I would do without it. J. Thomson

Thank you

Hello Ray, Thank you for your prompt dispatch of the Magnetic Fetlock Band for my thoroughbred X Quinn. Without wearing his band he goes lame very easily but wearing the band, which he has done more than 2 years now, he is pain-free and really enjoys his rides. Thank you once again. E. Jones

Mrs J., London

"The Magnetic Bracelet that you supplied me has increased my energy levels, reduced the effects of my M.E. and generally made my life more positive. Thank you."

Mrs Ladbrook, Reading

"After 3 months: My blood pressure has gone down as has my cholesterol. [I am] sleeping a lot better, [I have] more energy and less pain in my knees. I am so glad I was put in touch with you."

Mrs. L, Chelmsford

"I did not have much faith when I brought the bracelet having tried many things in the past to relieve my back pain. Within hours I had noticed the difference. I can't thank you enough."

Mr. R.L, Cheshire

"Having been given a MAGNETiC wristband as a present, I felt bound to wear it by a sense of obligation, and confess to being a sceptic. However, after only 4 or 5 days I was able to 'trot' down the stairs instead of groaning with each step. The Arthritis in my knees has virtually gone.I am aged 70."

-Mrs. W.L Witham

"I used to suffer from nerve damage and pain due to surgery, but after a few days, I was completely pain-free. My husband used to suffer from terrible migraines, since wearing the strap he has not had a single one."

-Mrs Parker


"I am absolutely thrilled with my MAGNETiC wristband. Within hours of wearing it I could bend my fingers without pain, the swollen joint has virtually gone."