Frequently Asked Questions and More


Oh yes!.. in the world of magnets size does matter. The larger the surface area the greater the magnetic field will project, however depth and thickness of the magnet also plays a big part.

The magnetic field in the core of the magnet is much denser than on the surface and some companies may quote this “Core Gauss” rating and whilst it is technically correct it is not the same as the surface gauss which is what you will be exposed to, so 2000 surface gauss can be quoted as high as 12,000 gauss!


Bracelets are very popular because they look good and the principle of multiple magnets is because they are generally worn loose so with the multiple magnets there will always be a magnet on or near a pulse point. 2000 to 3000 gauss is often quoted but I have seen 4000 and 5000 gauss quoted with the same size magnet as a 2000 gauss which is impossible. A firm but comfortable fit is needed so the magnets are no more than 2mm to 3mm away from the body.

A direct benefit is also felt If used for painful wrist, hands or fingers due to application of the magnets as long as the problem is not too deep in that particular area.


Copper bangles have been used for thousands of years to help with Arthritis and Rheumatism mostly in the hands and fingers. Some people say that it has helped in other areas of the body but one has to consider how copper travels from the wrist to a painful knee for example.

You have to bear in mind Copper is toxic in quantity in the human body and so for the amount of copper you need to be absorbed into your blood stream and travel to your knee and everywhere else in between will probably not be a healthy option. However, the amount of copper oxide absorbed into the blood stream through your skin is only a trace so no harm is done but the downside is that so little is being transported it will be unlikely to help other parts of the body other than the hand or arm it is being worn on.

Copper has to touch the skin to be absorbed so I’m afraid if you wear copper insoles and socks, it may not be as effective!

The green mark you get by wearing copper is NOT an indication its working! It’s an indication that your ph balance is out of sync and you have too much acid in your body. Drink more water, your thirsty and dehydrated. It will wash off anyway. Coating the bracelet with gold and silver plate negates the benefit of copper but makes it look good. Some people are allergic to the nickel in the plating so look for solid copper and if it has magnets so much the better. You can always coat the inside of the bangle with clear lacquer or nail varnish.


As discussed previously magnets need to touch the body especially if the magnets are small, which they have to be in jewellery as there is very little space.

Some bangles are so rigid you cannot bend them or mould them to your wrist shape and can be uncomfortable. The bangle needs to be smaller than your wrist to create a gap between the magnets. In my opinion the magnets need to be opposing, that is north facing the wrist on one end and south facing the wrist on the other. This way the magnetic fields attract each other across the gap, as opposites attract this creates both penetration and coverage between the ends. In this regard the gap is important so I always suggest no closer than 10 cm and no wider than 16 cm. This is not a problem for me as they are handmade and made to measure so I always allow for this gap as long as I have an actual wrist size.

Some companies put more than one magnet in each end, I personally cannot see the point as it doesn’t increase strength, as discussed, and as some bangles are fairly rigid and fixed and pretty much in the same place on the wrist, the magnets that are not over the artery are not really doing anything.

There are bangles with one large magnet at each end and one or two smaller ones next to them? Why? The larger magnet has far more power and projection than the smaller ones put together so why are they there? Again this is to imply greater magnetic properties and benefit which is misleading and often at a greater cost but why not, they look good.

I’m doing a promo here. You don’t need a copper bangle to hold magnets as the magnets are doing far more than copper on its own. As well as my two Copper and Silver designs I am the first and only company in the world that has a range of Real Gold, Platinum and Sterling Silver bangles that are handmade and made to measure here in the UK since 1995, they are also London Assay Office Hallmarked.


There is no problem with metal implants in the body as they are made now from Titanium and before that it was surgical Stainless Steel, both of which are non ferrous and will not be attracted to a magnet of the strength we are taking about.

A magnet will show up on a security scanner because it’s metal, this will not effect either.


You can wear a magnetic therapy product in both cases but not near the pacemaker or in the case of pregnancy, not on or near the abdomen. Now I’ll bet that’s different to what you have read or heard before?

The reason is:

Magnetic Therapy products when worn on the wrist or ankle “improve” blood flow (more on the word “improve” later) so no harm is done or increase in heart rate.

I have had pregnant ladies wear my wristband on their wrist and ankle without any problems because the magnetic field on the back or top of my Pulse/Pulsar range are shielded and so are much weaker than the magnetic field that faces and against the body.

Magnetic (jewellery) Bracelets are also much much weaker on outside face than the inside, which is obvious because that’s where the magnets are.

With pregnancy DO NOT place powerful magnets on or near the abdomen.

With pacemakers DO NOT place ANY magnet on or near a pacemaker. However, when worn around an ankle a magnetic band for example is perfectly safe, unless you’re a contortionist.


The answer to that is yes it is! Wow, that’s another misconception that you have probably read before? This came about when companies started saying that “magnets “increase” blood flow” which is wrong! Magnetic Therapy “improves” blood flow which means it restores and returns the blood flow back to how it should be in a normal healthy body. Our body is designed to heal itself so by using Magnetic Therapy I believe we can restore our body’s natural healing mechanism which is inhibited by injury, illness, diet, lack of energy, poor sleep and stress etc which can inhibit our natural healing and repair process.

  • Magnetic Therapy does not increase heart rate.
  • Magnetic Therapy does not make blood flow faster.
  • Magnetic Therapy does not on its own lower blood pressure.
  • Magnetic Therapy does not prevent allergies but can help reduce symptoms.
I use a 2000 gauss magnet in my Pulse, Pulsar, Pulsar Boost, Dog Collars and Equine Fetlock Band and 5 x 1000 gauss magnets in my Comfort/Sleep Pad. The Pads are much larger and the magnets are also domed shape which projects a magnetic output up to 2 feet or 64 cm from the surface and covers a large area around the side of the Pad itself. This coverage is ideal for direct application over a large area and where magnetic penetration is vital. If a particular problem is deep, say 16cm in muscle and tissue then a small magnet which projects a magnetic field 1cm to 2 cm deep, won’t work. Going deeper guarantees that the problem will be exposed to a sufficient strength of magnetic field and in the case of my Comfort Pad which goes beyond and into the surrounding area at the same time.

Not sure? There is no international guidance on this. A lot of companies use it to possibly make a claim that the magnet they use is of a higher strength than others or within their own range?

I only use it on Titanium Bracelet range because others do and so at a glance you can gauge that they are in fact all the same. However, as I make my own products and source the magnets here in the UK so I go by the magnet manufacturers rating.


Well? We are compared to say, 2000 years ago and as the Earths Magnetic field has slowly become weaker over this time, but for the last 300 to 400 years we wouldn’t know the difference. Some claim that because of concrete buildings and tarmac/concrete roads and pavements we are not exposed as we should be to a natural magnetic field which is nonsense! There’s another misconception that you may have heard?

The Earths Magnetic field projects approx 2000 miles from the earth’s core to the surface and then another several thousand miles into space. To do this it passes through dense granite and miles and miles of thick rock so by comparison I don’t think a thin layer of concrete here and there is going to stop it, don’t you think?

Radio waves, micro waves, electro magnetic waves from computers, domestic appliances such as cookers, hair dryers, mobile phones, clock radios, TV’s etc are recent inventions and and create strong frequencies, I believe that this is the cause for the rise of any weakness in our Bio-Field. There is not a lot we can do now to prevent exposure because it’s all around us but by staying fit and healthy I believe will help reduce the effects of this over exposure. What ever happened to Yuppy Flu?


I am asked this all the time and my simple answer is ….a very good chance.

I’m stating the obvious now but we are all different, Height, weight, diet, age, lifestyle, your job, causes, medication, general health, sleep, stress and the age of the injury or illness etc etc all play a part on how efficient our body repairs itself and recovers from injury or illness. In over 20 years I’ve seen so many people whose life has changed by using Magnetic Therapy and not just my products, even a skeptic has to think again, and an answer to all those skeptics who ask for evidence. Lack of evidence is not evidence that it doesn’t work.

Yes, there has been research and whilst not conclusive because they could not rule out the placebo effect due to poor procedures and criteria, there was a significant number of participants who definitely felt a difference and improvement in mobility and well being.

Oh yes! I’ve heard “it’s all the mind”, ok so what, if that what it take but what’s the alternative? Drugs? …and if it was all in the mind how can you tell your pet dog or horse that you are now wearing a Magnetic Collar or Band and within a few days the owner can see a physical difference in mobility that was never there before?

I’m sometimes asked “so if this product is so wonderful what guarantee will you give me?” My answer is “I will give you the same guarantee as your Doctor, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor or Vet” and “what about a refund if it doesn’t work?” I will when your Doctor, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor or Vet give one”.

If it hurts.. simple….don’t do it….but if its your job or your sport for example and your not a professional then we ignore the warning sign that is…PAIN and carry on.