About Pulse Magnetics

Magnetic Pain Relief

Around 1992/4 I was looking for a way of working as a therapist and visited various Complimentary Health Exhibitions to see if I could feel "drawn" (pun not intended) to a particular therapy. After talking to a variety of interesting people and looking at the types of therapies that were on offer I came away totally confused. I had in previous years read some articles on magnetic pain relief therapy so on my return, I decided to ask more searching questions to the exhibitors concerned, of which there were two. To my surprise and dismay, I found that all they were interested in was selling and that they knew very little of how it worked, only that it did! As I had worked and trained as a Male Nurse and trained as a Counselor I was bothered that something that had an effect on someone's health and sold to those who may be vulnerable and seeking relief from pain and discomfort was being offered by persons who did not know what they were talking about, and unfortunately it still goes on!

I now felt I was on a crusade and read as much as I could on the subject and at that time there wasn't much. I came across several articles addressing the dangers of mobile phone and power line radiation and in particular "Something in the Air" by Roger Coghill, a research biologist.

After reading his research papers (it is now in book form) and talking to him I felt a greater understanding of the subject and started to develop my own range. I now design, manufacture and market my own exclusive range of magnetic pain relief therapy products and is still growing. For example, my Elegance jewellery items are still, at the moment of writing, the only handmade real gold and sterling silver (UK hallmarked) magnetic pain relief therapy jewellery products in the world!

It has always been my aim to offer advice and magnetic pain relief products that to the best of my ability and understanding will give the best possible results to the wearer in order to help them achieve relief from pain and discomfort.

My range of Animal magnetic pain relief products has been developed by trial and error with use on our own pets and horses of which the horse/pony band has been extremely successful with its ease of use and design.

Over the years my products and company have been subject to scrutiny from Trading Standards and the Medical Devices Agency and have passed without a problem and products are now registered as a Class 1 Medical Device and an past member of the British Complementary Medicine Association.