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If you're looking for high-quality magnetic horse bands, then you're in the right place. Here at Pulse Magnetics, we specialise in providing clients with bespoke magnetic horse bands that have a ton of benefits. Magnetic Therapy is recognised as a non-invasive natural therapy. It is not new; the ancient Egyptians and Greeks are known to have used magnetic therapy.

The Chinese and Japanese have used magnetic therapy again for thousands of years and even now magnets are used in hospitals and clinics around the world.

Why choose Pulse Magnetics?

If you type in magnetic therapy into Google you will find over 35k sites selling magnetic therapy products from magnetic jewellery in the form of magnetic bangles, magnetic bracelets, and magnetic beaded necklaces to magnetic wraps and magnetic supports. We would estimate that 95% of these companies are selling pretty much the same product.

Pulse magnetics are manufactured in the UK and are unique using high-grade powerful magnets.

Magnetism is the very foundation of life on earth. The human body has developed over millions of years within this magnetic field. Our body is "electric", it resonates within a frequency range and is constantly being altered by poor diet, injury, illness, accidents and the effects of electromagnetic fields so it makes sense to use magnetic therapy to re-balance our body's natural healing mechanism.

Magnetic therapy products can help to readdress this imbalance by allowing the body to repair itself, from within by either applying powerful magnetic fields to a problem area or by exposing the iron atoms in blood to aid and improve oxygen delivery throughout the whole body.

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So, if you're looking for nothing but bespoke magnetic horse bands, then Pulse Magnetics is your first choice. Just simply get in touch today to see how one of our friendly and highly professional team members can be of your assistance. We're just a phone call away! 


Try the following coin test and if your product can't do this then it may not have enough Magnetic strength to be effective. (Using new shiny 2p pieces)

Some products use Magnetic rubber strips which are weak by comparison. Rubber and Neoprene generate heat which can be therapeutic but not as permanent as Magnetic Therapy on its own.

2 or 3 coins held are good. My Fetlock Band and Pulse, Pulsar and Pulsar Boost will hold 3.

Truth Watch

In this column I will be answering without naming anyone, some misleading claims that I come across via customers questions or in an advertising medium. 6 x 1500 Gauss magnets total strength 9000 gasses. Newspaper.


Magnets cure hay fever, insomnia, respiration problems, tachycardia, obesity, digestive problems. Leaflet


Some Magnets create a pulse. Some Magnets create a spin.

Because some magnetic fields spin they don't generate heat.

Because some magnet fields pulse they do generate heat.

Magnetic fields create a low- frequency energy field.

Magnets use resonance technology. Website/Leaflet






Your bracelet is fantastic and keeps me pain free. I don't know what I would do without it. J. Thomson

Thank you

Hello Ray, Thank you for your prompt dispatch of the Magnetic Fetlock Band for my thoroughbred X Quinn. Without wearing his band he goes lame very easily but wearing the band, which he has done more than 2 years now, he is pain-free and really enjoys his rides. Thank you once again. E. Jones


Mr. R.L, Cheshire

"Having been given a MAGNETiC wristband as a present, I felt bound to wear it by a sense of obligation, and confess to being a sceptic. However, after only 4 or 5 days I was able to 'trot' down the stairs instead of groaning with each step. The Arthritis in my knees has virtually gone.I am aged 70."

Mr. R.L, Cheshire

Mrs. L, Chelmsford

"I did not have much faith when I brought the bracelet having tried many things in the past to relieve my back pain. Within hours I had noticed the difference. I can't thank you enough."

Mrs. L, Chelmsford

Mrs J., London

"After 3 months: My blood pressure has gone down as has my cholesterol. [I am] sleeping a lot better, [I have] more energy and less pain in my knees. I am so glad I was put in touch with you."

Mrs J., London

Mrs. W.L Witham

"I used to suffer from nerve damage and pain due to surgery, but after a few days, I was completely pain-free. My husband used to suffer from terrible migraines, since wearing the strap he has not had a single one."

Mrs. W.L Witham