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Are you looking for the best magnetic bracelet?

 Pulse Magnetics are experts within our industry and provide the best magnetic bracelet on the market.

Here at Pulse Magnetics, we supply and manufacture the best magnetic bracelets in the UK. Our high grade magnetic bracelets offer a non-invasive therapy treatment for those who suffer with arthritis and joint pain. We specialise in copper bracelets, animal bracelets, sports bracelets, and more. Using strongest, powerful magnets we are confident that our bracelets will provide you with affective pain relief.  From magnetic horse and fetlock bands, to bracelets for pain and therapy, we have it all at Pulse Magnetics. The body reacts with the magnetic fields, which then allows the body to repair itself. The magnets are believed to affect the ions within the blood cells that help improve oxygen flow throughout those cells. This usually increases the amount of ions, therefore significantly improving oxygenation, and blood flow. At Pulse Magnetics, we pride ourselves in helping our clients achieve a better quality of life. We have many years of experience working within the magnetic bracelet sector and endeavour to provide a second to none service.

High Quality Magnetic Bracelets

Here at Pulse Magnetics, we are the UK's leading magnetic bracelet therapy brand. With many designs to choose from, we cater to all styles and budgets. If you are looking for something more formal than our Elegant range is ideal. Our elegant bangles are suitable for both genders, providing affordable luxury with beneficial results. Our team of experts provides excellent customer service and quality advice all year round.  We design our magnetic bracelets using innovative ancient technologies. Delivering the best magnetic bracelets, the effects of our magnets offer the best results for a wide variety of pain types. Including arthritis, pain relief, sports injuries, and other areas that are causing discomfort.

Further to this, not only do we supply magnetic bracelets for humans, but we also have our very own pet range. Meaning your pet can benefit from our magnetic therapy treatments.

Contact Pulse Magnetics

So if you are looking for magnetic bracelet therapy treatment, contact us today. We will be happy to provide professional advice regarding our products. We can assist you in finding the best magnetic bracelet to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a magnetic bracelet for pain or magnetic therapy, we will have the perfect product to suit your needs.

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    Corona Virus Due to the present restrictions there are no definite dates for future exhibition/shows. Possibles will be from October which include Horse Of the Year Show plus Craft shows with Living Heritage at Sandringham and Hyde End. In the meantime I am open for Mail Order deliveries which is free postage to anywhere in UK and the appropriate charge for anywhere else in the world. I have always offered a 10% DISCOUNT to Military Service Personnel, Police, Fire and Ambulance and NHS staff but only when I talk to them face to face at shows or exhibitions so now if any member of the above services wish to purchase an item I need to see a form of I.D i.e an NHS email address or a photo proof of I.D but please cover any confidential personal data that may negatively compromise your identity. I can assure you that any information I do receive of this nature will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence and only your name will be kept for future reference for the purpose of further correspondence should the matter arise. Please note: sorry but my 10% discount does NOT include items of jewellery but if you call me I may be gentle with you :-) I wish all my past and future customers well and stay safe. Ray


    Try the following coin test and if your product can't do this then it may not have enough Magnetic strength to be effective. (Using new shiny 2p pieces)

    Some products use Magnetic rubber strips which are weak by comparison. Rubber and Neoprene generate heat which can be therapeutic but not as permanent as Magnetic Therapy on its own.

    2 or 3 coins held are good. My Fetlock Band and Pulse, Pulsar and Pulsar Boost will hold 3.

    Truth Watch

    In this column I will be answering without naming anyone, some misleading claims that I come across via customers questions or in an advertising medium. 6 x 1500 Gauss magnets total strength 9000 gasses. Newspaper.


    Magnets cure hay fever, insomnia, respiration problems, tachycardia, obesity, digestive problems. Leaflet


    Some Magnets create a pulse. Some Magnets create a spin.

    Because some magnetic fields spin they don't generate heat.

    Because some magnet fields pulse they do generate heat.

    Magnetic fields create a low- frequency energy field.

    Magnets use resonance technology. Website/Leaflet






    Your bracelet is fantastic and keeps me pain free. I don't know what I would do without it. J. Thomson

    Thank you

    Hello Ray, Thank you for your prompt dispatch of the Magnetic Fetlock Band for my thoroughbred X Quinn. Without wearing his band he goes lame very easily but wearing the band, which he has done more than 2 years now, he is pain-free and really enjoys his rides. Thank you once again. E. Jones


    Mr. R.L, Cheshire

    "Having been given a MAGNETiC wristband as a present, I felt bound to wear it by a sense of obligation, and confess to being a sceptic. However, after only 4 or 5 days I was able to 'trot' down the stairs instead of groaning with each step. The Arthritis in my knees has virtually gone.I am aged 70."

    Mr. R.L, Cheshire

    Mrs. L, Chelmsford

    "I did not have much faith when I brought the bracelet having tried many things in the past to relieve my back pain. Within hours I had noticed the difference. I can't thank you enough."

    Mrs. L, Chelmsford

    Mrs J., London

    "After 3 months: My blood pressure has gone down as has my cholesterol. [I am] sleeping a lot better, [I have] more energy and less pain in my knees. I am so glad I was put in touch with you."

    Mrs J., London

    Mrs. W.L Witham

    "I used to suffer from nerve damage and pain due to surgery, but after a few days, I was completely pain-free. My husband used to suffer from terrible migraines, since wearing the strap he has not had a single one."

    Mrs. W.L Witham