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Pulse Magnetics manufactured in the UK and are unique using high-grade powerful magnets.



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Magnetism is the very foundation of life on earth. The human body has developed over millions of years within a magnetic field. Our body is "electric", it resonates within a frequency range and is constantly being altered by poor diet, injury, illness, accidents and the possible overexposure to electromagnetic fields so it makes sense to use magnetic therapy to re-balance our body's natural healing mechanism.

Magnetic therapy products can help to readdress this imbalance by allowing the body to repair itself, from within by either applying powerful magnetic fields to a problem area or by exposing the iron atoms in blood to a Magnetic Field to aid and improve circulation to the whole body.

There are mainly two types of magnetic fields we use today as a therapy:

1. PMF'S Pulsed Magnetic Fields

PMF's need a power source and have to be both monitored and timed because they use a frequency much higher than can be normally tolerated by both humans and warm-blooded animals especially if used for too long. This type of magnetic field can penetrate much deeper into the body, which is what you want especially with deep tissue and muscular injuries. They are more expensive and widely used by the Veterinary Profession and can be very effective in the right hands.

2. Permanent Magnets

Permanent Magnets DO NOT generate heat which is contrary to the more recent mantra's used by some companies to promote a difference that isn't there. For example, some recent "evidence" of a magnet heating a leg is shown by using a thermal imaging camera that clearly shows one leg with a slight increase in temperature and the other with no change at all. This peculiar conclusion is meant to show that the increase in temperature shown on one leg is a bad thing and doing nothing to the other leg is a good thing? which seem at odds with the well-established acceptance that apart from where swelling is present, applying heat to the pain site improves blood flow which how the body heals. The magnets I use are very high powered with a D.F.C Deep Flux Capacity and NO HEAT meaning that a high-density magnet field travels deep into the area being worn. In most cases 16cm to a maximum of 50cm before the magnetic field diminishes. This is vitally important, which a lot of companies seem to ignore because if a weak magnet is placed on a particular pain site it may not have enough strength to penetrate deep enough to be effective. Ive tested some that will only travel 2mm from the surface and getting weaker all the time so you have to ask yourself how can that be effective? The answer is, It won't!

Quite often the material used to hold the magnet in place can be of a type of Neoprene that traps warm air and can overheat which was a big problem in the early years of Magnetic Horse Boots where sweat rashes appeared and even worse a blown Tendon! This is why you mustn't leave a Magnetic Boot on your horse for example no longer than 4 to 6 hours depending on what you read. My bands for example can be worn 24\7 in or out and in all weathers and have been used by thousands of my customers for over 24 years.

Remember, the material causes the problem, not the Magnet!

Smart Magnetic Technology

12 years ago I developed and added a new product to my range using: S.M.T Smart Magnetic Technology, where high power magnets are used to create a highly dense magnetic force within the area being worn. This "newer" and more dynamic type of magnetism can be used on both people and animals and has proved highly successful in the Equine world and for more serious pain and injuries in people especially sports injuries. The main benefit is that it can work much faster and for longer. When they are replacing a standard product they have been shown to make much more of a difference. They are light and comfortable to wear 24/7.


In this column I will be answering without naming anyone, some misleading claims that I come across via customers questions or in an advertising medium. 6 x 1500 Gauss magnets total strength 9000 gasses. Newspaper.


  • Magnets cure hay fever, insomnia, respiration problems, tachycardia, obesity, digestive problems.
  • Some Magnets create a pulse. Some Magnets create a spin.
  • Because some magnetic fields spin they don't generate heat.
  • Because some magnet fields pulse they do generate heat.
  • Magnetic fields create a low- frequency energy field.
  • Magnets use resonance technology.


    Try the following coin test and if your product can't do this then it may not have enough Magnetic strength to be effective. (Using new shiny 2p pieces)

    Some products use Magnetic rubber strips which are weak by comparison. Rubber and Neoprene generate heat which can be therapeutic but not as permanent as Magnetic Therapy on its own.

    2 or 3 coins held are good. My Fetlock Band and Pulse, Pulsar and Pulsar Boost will hold 3.


    2021 Show Dates

    Welcome. Thankfully and with pleasure I can now publish the shows and events that I will be attending in the coming months, restrictions permitting and I look forward to seeing you there.


    • 19-20 Netley Common Hampshire. Country Fair
    • 25-27 Headcorn Air Show Kent.


    • 1-4 Great Windsor Horse Show
    • 13-16 Great Yorkshire Show
    • 17-18 Thame. Country Fair
    • 21-25 Hickstead Horse Show


    • 6-8 Sandringham Food and Wood Festival
    • 14-15 Bowood House Wilts Game and Country Fair
    • 29-30 Cheshire Game and Country Fair


    • 11-12 Sandringham Game and Country Fair
    • 18-19 Berkshire Game and Country Fair


    • 2-3 Leicester Game and Country Fair
    • 15-17 Hyde End October Craft Show


    • 6-7 Berkshire Craft and Food Festival
    • TBA Poss Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market?
    • 19-21 Sandringham Christmas Craft, Food and Gift Fair
    • 27-28 Staffordshire Christmas Craft, Food and Gift Fair


    • 2-5 Lincoln Christmas Market
    • 11-12 East of England Peterborough Christmas Craft, Food and Gift Fair
    • 16-20 Olympia Horse Show

    NHS, Military and Emergency Service Personnel will continue to receive a 10% discount on proof of I.D.
    Call 01277 896266.
    Please note: sorry but my 10% discount does NOT include items of jewellery but if you call me I may be gentle with you :-)

    I wish all my past and future customers well and stay safe. Ray





    Your bracelet is fantastic and keeps me pain free. I don't know what I would do without it. J. Thomson

    Thank you

    Hello Ray, Thank you for your prompt dispatch of the Magnetic Fetlock Band for my thoroughbred X Quinn. Without wearing his band he goes lame very easily but wearing the band, which he has done more than 2 years now, he is pain-free and really enjoys his rides. Thank you once again. E. Jones


    Mr. R.L, Cheshire

    "Having been given a MAGNETiC wristband as a present, I felt bound to wear it by a sense of obligation, and confess to being a sceptic. However, after only 4 or 5 days I was able to 'trot' down the stairs instead of groaning with each step. The Arthritis in my knees has virtually gone.I am aged 70."

    Mr. R.L, Cheshire

    Mrs. L, Chelmsford

    "I did not have much faith when I brought the bracelet having tried many things in the past to relieve my back pain. Within hours I had noticed the difference. I can't thank you enough."

    Mrs. L, Chelmsford

    Mrs J., London

    "After 3 months: My blood pressure has gone down as has my cholesterol. [I am] sleeping a lot better, [I have] more energy and less pain in my knees. I am so glad I was put in touch with you."

    Mrs J., London

    Mrs. W.L Witham

    "I used to suffer from nerve damage and pain due to surgery, but after a few days, I was completely pain-free. My husband used to suffer from terrible migraines, since wearing the strap he has not had a single one."

    Mrs. W.L Witham